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section8 (by Deborah Cuevas [NY]) Oct 8, 2018 1:17 AM
       section8 (by MC [PA]) Oct 8, 2018 2:47 AM
       section8 (by plenty [MO]) Oct 8, 2018 5:04 AM
       section8 (by Vee [OH]) Oct 8, 2018 5:26 AM
       section8 (by S i d [MO]) Oct 8, 2018 5:41 AM
       section8 (by John... [MI]) Oct 8, 2018 6:47 AM
       section8 (by cjl [NY]) Oct 8, 2018 6:52 AM
       section8 (by JB [OR]) Oct 8, 2018 10:09 AM
       section8 (by cjo'h [CT]) Oct 8, 2018 12:21 PM
       section8 (by cjo'h [CT]) Oct 8, 2018 12:29 PM
       section8 (by Landlord ofthe Flies [TX]) Oct 9, 2018 11:04 AM

section8 (by Deborah Cuevas [NY]) Posted on: Oct 8, 2018 1:17 AM

Iam not sure if my tenants children are rlated to me .Section8 says I signed statement saying they are not I have no dna proof.What do I need to do?

section8 (by MC [PA]) Posted on: Oct 8, 2018 2:47 AM

Not sure why your Tenant's children would be related to you and you not know it.

I feel it is for Sec8 to figure out. I don't demand birth certificates. How would you know for sure the complexities of their children unless you are directly involved with the situation(example one of your kids had kids with your T)?

Let SEC8 kick them off the program if that is the case. You don't want to keep someone who might be scamming the govt. --73.230.xx.xx

section8 (by plenty [MO]) Posted on: Oct 8, 2018 5:04 AM

You signed a paper saying they are not. Did something suddenly change? Why would you need to retract that signed paper? What did you sign that paper for anyways?

section8 (by Vee [OH]) Posted on: Oct 8, 2018 5:26 AM

Did you adopt them or birth them, consult the area hospitals.

section8 (by S i d [MO]) Posted on: Oct 8, 2018 5:41 AM

Sounds to me like you should get a DNA test if someone is pushing for it. If not....ignore it.

If all else fails, just sign an affidavit saying you were not aware of the relationship until after accepting their Sec 8 voucher, present that to the director of the agency, and then if Sec 8 decides they can no longer sponsor your tenants, then you need to find a new tenant. Unless they are colossal jerks, I doubt they'd ask you to pay any money back or penalties.

Side note: I've seen how families sometimes get caught in situations like this. Case in point: my SIL and her husband got engaged, then found out about 2 months before their wedding that they were 3rd cousins through a branch of the family who moved out of the area and they hadn't seen in a few decades.

section8 (by John... [MI]) Posted on: Oct 8, 2018 6:47 AM

I disagree with those saying to ignore it or to just let them get kicked off. This is very different from that. If you accept government Section-8 payments from someone that you are directly related to, then you are committing fraud. This is a federal crime in some cases.

This is NOT just "no big deal -- if they get kicked off, then just find a new tenant."

- John...

section8 (by cjl [NY]) Posted on: Oct 8, 2018 6:52 AM

There is obviously WAY MORE to this story...

section8 (by JB [OR]) Posted on: Oct 8, 2018 10:09 AM

I am definitely in agreement with John (MI) here. This sounds like a case of fraud to me.

If you lied on those papers you are likely going to be in trouble. You can claim ignorance all you want...but it won't help you here.

section8 (by cjo'h [CT]) Posted on: Oct 8, 2018 12:21 PM

Deborah,I wouldn't worry too much about it .I know I'm not related to any Section 8 tenants,Come from a different country and live a different lifestyle,wouldn't even try to live that life? Would you? how...............................

section8 (by cjo'h [CT]) Posted on: Oct 8, 2018 12:29 PM

wouldn't care what DNA said ether,most times they're off by miles.As far as scamming the Government,you don't have to worry about that either,they'll scam themselves without even trying................charlie............. would be s change to keep the money In America !.......................................

section8 (by Landlord ofthe Flies [TX]) Posted on: Oct 9, 2018 11:04 AM

You may be related to just the children? Not the parents? There's definitely more to the story. Did the Section 8 paperwork make you declare you weren't related to the tenants or to anyone living in the house using Section 8? That may make a difference if you're not related to the parents.

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