Dog poop
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Dog poop (by Trish [MN]) Nov 10, 2014 1:49 PM
       Dog poop (by Pattyk [MO]) Nov 10, 2014 2:14 PM
       Dog poop (by Gail [MO]) Nov 10, 2014 3:10 PM
       Dog poop (by Trish [MN]) Nov 10, 2014 3:29 PM
       Dog poop (by Nicole [PA]) Nov 10, 2014 3:55 PM
       Dog poop (by gevans [SC]) Nov 10, 2014 3:58 PM
       Dog poop (by Gail [MO]) Nov 10, 2014 4:31 PM
       Dog poop (by Vee [OH]) Nov 10, 2014 5:08 PM
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       Dog poop (by Trish [MN]) Nov 10, 2014 7:40 PM
       Dog poop (by Robert J [CA]) Nov 10, 2014 10:33 PM
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       Dog poop (by Bit [IN]) Nov 12, 2014 7:01 AM

Dog poop (by Trish [MN]) Posted on: Nov 10, 2014 1:49 PM

State Specific Question About: MINNESOTA (MN)

My renters dog poops on what the neighbor believes is her land. (A whole additional issue, property lines!) The neighbor keeps calling me, landlord, to complain. Am I responsible or is this something they need to settle on their own? What action (if any) do I take? The neighbor is upset and I am tired of dealing with this. Thanks for any help!

Dog poop (by Pattyk [MO]) Posted on: Nov 10, 2014 2:14 PM

I would nicely call my tenant and ask them nicely not to allow this or clean it up daily or do something until the property line is well definded. --66.87.xx.x

Dog poop (by Gail [MO]) Posted on: Nov 10, 2014 3:10 PM

If you call the neighbors bluff, and tell her that you want proof of where the property line is, odds are the issue will never go anywhere. Tell them to deal with their own neighbor, or prove that they own the property. --75.121.xx.xx

Dog poop (by Trish [MN]) Posted on: Nov 10, 2014 3:29 PM

Good advice, thanks. I will ask tenant to clean up, but these two just can't seem to get along. Neighbor claims she's going to have the property surveyed but I'd be surprised. I just want to know how the law enforcement will handle it should she choose to call them. Will they hold us accountable or take it up with the renter? This house is in a tiny town with no rental regulations. Renter pays on time every month but is hard to get along with. This is our last home, we are new at this, thanks for your help!

Dog poop (by Nicole [PA]) Posted on: Nov 10, 2014 3:55 PM

your tenant should be cleaning up after her dog EVERY time, especially since it's going in an area frequented by others matter who technically owns the property. If you have proper "control" over your tenant, you can tell her in such a way this will no longer be an issue.

I know where my property lines all are ... are you talking a few inches or a much larger area that's in question?

Dog poop (by gevans [SC]) Posted on: Nov 10, 2014 3:58 PM

If the dog is pooping on YOUR property, you should still enforce cleaning it up. Why let that stuff pile up at your rental or the neighbor's property? If she wants a dog, she gets to scoop poop.

Dog poop (by Gail [MO]) Posted on: Nov 10, 2014 4:31 PM

trish, if she chooses to get the property surveyed, she will have to pay the surveyor, but then she may be able to force you to pay 1/2 via small claims court. If and when this happens, simply tell the judge that you have no bones to pick with her, as the dog in question was not yours, and at no0 time were you present when the dog was doing it's deed. You merely had a disagreement with her as to the boundary location. I honestly don't think she can force you to pay. Bottom line is that if you can be held responsible for where the dog poops, you can also be held accountable for it biting someone. Ain't gonna happen! --75.121.xx.xx

Dog poop (by Vee [OH]) Posted on: Nov 10, 2014 5:08 PM

Rub the tenant nose and face in the poop until the message is accepted.

Dog poop (by DIXIE [KS]) Posted on: Nov 10, 2014 7:01 PM

If the neighbor calls me over issues like this, I tell them to settle it with the tenant. Not my problem. --67.143.xx.x

Dog poop (by Trish [MN]) Posted on: Nov 10, 2014 7:40 PM

Thanks all for your insight. I appreciate it!

Dog poop (by Robert J [CA]) Posted on: Nov 10, 2014 10:33 PM

A neighbor's walk their dogs in the morning and allow them to poop on my front lawn. I have a device that takes pictures to document this, a still nature digital camera. I posted a sign, left a small covered trash can out front with a 2 piece poop picker-upper kit and still no one picks up after their dogs.

So I went to a local farm and got a trailer full of horse droppings and returned the favor to these same neighbors. Around 250 pounds each dropped on their driveways. They had to move it or drive over it.

When I tried to report this to the police they said it was animal control problem, not theirs. When the police tried to question me I replied sent over animal control, animal poop isn't your departments domain.

Since I have money to burn and don't mind putting a few lawyers kids though college, I can do these types of things, calling it pay to play. It's so interesting when the shoe is on the other foot, how people respond.

Dog poop (by LiveTheDream [AZ]) Posted on: Nov 11, 2014 12:34 AM

I had a neighboring tenant let her dog poop on my property. I finally had enough and gathered a bucket full, and dumped it on her front porch.

She called the police to have me arrested. I was just returning her property and the property owner was a friend of mine, so nothing the PD could do.

I in turn accused her of letting the dog run without a leash. Cop said to keep it leashed and left, leaving her with the pile of poop to wade through. LOL

And before the cop even got to the end of the block I was on the phone, the dog was loose and in MY parking lot!

Well, in the end, she got a $300 ticket and got evicted.

So I guess the moral of the story for tenants is, pick up your poop, because the landlord knows more powerful people than you do! LOL :-) --24.156.xx.xx

Dog poop (by Smokowna [MD]) Posted on: Nov 11, 2014 4:25 AM

h ttp:// --173.66.xx.xx

Dog poop (by gevans [SC]) Posted on: Nov 11, 2014 5:13 AM

I'm remembering a scene from a movie involving a flat nosed shovel and a lacrosse type pitch at the front door. --141.129.x.xx

Dog poop (by Ken [NY]) Posted on: Nov 11, 2014 4:07 PM

Robert J,I love it,you have some real good ways of dealing with people. --24.92.xx.xx

Dog poop (by Bit [IN]) Posted on: Nov 12, 2014 7:01 AM

What a crappy problem to have.....sorry...

I like Vee, LTD's and Roberts methods.

I agree, ideally you want the tenant to clean up the poop in their own yard but probably more trouble than it is worth to enforce, until they move out at least and get charged for clean up and a damaged lawn.

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Dog poop
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