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Confused (by Tandon [IL]) Apr 5, 2012 1:56 PM
       Confused (by p m h [TX]) Apr 5, 2012 2:51 PM
       Confused (by Mike45 [NV]) Apr 5, 2012 2:57 PM
       Confused (by Babe [IL]) Apr 5, 2012 3:16 PM
       Confused (by Reid [KS]) Apr 5, 2012 3:53 PM
       Confused (by Tandon [IL]) Apr 5, 2012 4:11 PM
       Confused (by Nancy [IN]) Apr 5, 2012 4:13 PM
       Confused (by Dave [PA]) Apr 5, 2012 4:14 PM
       Confused (by Tandon [IL]) Apr 5, 2012 4:33 PM
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       Confused (by NE [PA]) Apr 5, 2012 4:53 PM
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       Confused (by beelocks [NH]) Apr 5, 2012 6:40 PM
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       Confused (by DaveS [IL]) Apr 5, 2012 7:33 PM
       Confused (by Moshe [CA]) Apr 5, 2012 8:07 PM
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       Confused (by Moshe [CA]) Apr 6, 2012 10:23 AM
       Confused (by beelocks [NH]) Apr 6, 2012 4:55 PM

Confused (by Tandon [IL]) Posted on: Apr 5, 2012 1:56 PM

State Specific Question About: ILLINOIS (IL)

My landloard gave me a 30 day notice on april 1st then he came to collect my Next months rent which is due on the 3rd. And i told him i wasnt going to pay him for that. Then he changed it to a five day notice that said that in five days i needed to be out and that 425 dollars was due. Its Been past 30 days but i lost my keys, and i called him to tell him that he needed to open the door so i could get my stuff out. But he is playing little games, and wouldnt let me get my stuff. And i called him today to ask him again and he said that in order for him to unlock the doors, a sheriff needed to be there, and that i needed to have a check?? How am i at fault.. Please respond quick.


Confused (by p m h [TX]) Posted on: Apr 5, 2012 2:51 PM

today is the 5th. rent was due on 3rd. whose fault do you think it is ?

Confused (by Mike45 [NV]) Posted on: Apr 5, 2012 2:57 PM

" Its Been past 30 days but i lost my keys, "

Huh? If he gave 30 day notice on April 1, it is NOT past 30 days.

I think you should go to a tenant forum, not to a landlord forum. This forum is for Landlords to help other landlords.

Confused (by Babe [IL]) Posted on: Apr 5, 2012 3:16 PM

Tenant site!

Confused (by Reid [KS]) Posted on: Apr 5, 2012 3:53 PM

Pay up and then I bet you'll come closer to getting what you want. No one goes out of their way to cater to deadbeats

Confused (by Tandon [IL]) Posted on: Apr 5, 2012 4:11 PM

i meant to say march 1st and rent was due the 3rd... and im 17 btw, im not emancipated, nor is it a necessity for me to be living there.

Confused (by Nancy [IN]) Posted on: Apr 5, 2012 4:13 PM

If you are 17, you aren't even a party to the Lease. Whoever is needs to pay the rent on time or a 5 day pay or quit notice will be posted. Discuss with whomever failed to pay the rent.

Confused (by Dave [PA]) Posted on: Apr 5, 2012 4:14 PM

Kinda sounds like your not telling the whole story.

Pay what you owe and move out.

Confused (by Tandon [IL]) Posted on: Apr 5, 2012 4:33 PM

The lease is under my name. My mother didnt co sign the lease with me or anything, its strictly under my name. March 1st he gave me a thirty day notice. then on the 3rd he came to collect that months rent. and i told him i wasnt going to pay. Then he changed it to a 5 day notice and gave me some yellow paper that he typed himself. Its been past thirty days. and ive been trying to get ahold of him so i can get my stuff out of the house, but he is steady denying me. He is allowed to do this??

Confused (by Opinionated [NC]) Posted on: Apr 5, 2012 4:47 PM

Why do you believe that you are "allowed" to live there and not pay?

Confused (by NE [PA]) Posted on: Apr 5, 2012 4:53 PM

He's not allowed to rent to you if you are under 18. I know a lot of people on here are telling you to "bug off" and go to a tenant site.

But, you could be a good tenant in the making. He may have entered into an illegal contract with you.


You lied about your age and he didn't verify it?????

Either way, you need your stuff.

Did the judge throw you out, what did he say about your age?

Can you get a lock smith to let you in?

He can't lock you out, but he could be a pain and not help you get back in.

You're in a tough place kid. Maybe you could contact your local child advocacy group?

Next time you rent a place, tell the truth about your age, rent from a landlord who follows the rules, and make sure you pay your rent on time.


Good luck to you.

Confused (by Cheryl [CT]) Posted on: Apr 5, 2012 6:18 PM

Am I understanding this correctly...your landlord gave you a 30 notice on March lst and you refused to pay rent for the month of March? That is why he then changed it to a 5 day notice! You are being evicted for non-payment of rent. You need to pay for the month of March if you expect to live there. Refusing to pay is what has gotten you into this mess.

Confused (by beelocks [NH]) Posted on: Apr 5, 2012 6:40 PM

Did I get this right?

- On March 1st you were issued a 30 day notice that your lease would not be renewed. This is allowed if you're on a month to month lease.

- You were not living there at the time and you left the premises unlocked (since you didn't have keys). This is not a smart move.

- On March 3rd your landlord asked you for rent for your final month and you refused to pay. You are obligated to pay rent for your final month of any lease unless your lease states that your security deposit can be applied to that rental payment (not very likely)

- On March 4th your landlord gave you a 5 day 'pay or quit' notice. This is allowed if you refuse to pay your rent.

- On March 10th your landlord considered that you had abandoned the premises since it had been left unlocked and you were not living there. The landlord is allowed to secure his building in case of abandonment.

I don't know about your local laws, but around here any abandoned tenant possessions are considered to be transferred to the landlord after 7 days unless the tenant makes a claim for them before the 7 days expire.

It's possible that you're a victim of an illegal eviction.

It's possible you were holding an illegal lease.

It's possible that you abandoned the property and your landlord secured it to protect his building and your possessions.

It's possible that the landlord is not allowed to hold your stuff.

You'll need to get your facts in order with EXACTLY what happened so that someone can give you some good advice.

Remember that free advice on a internet Q&A page is often not worth the paper it's written on. --69.131.xx.xx

Confused (by Gwen [OH]) Posted on: Apr 5, 2012 7:30 PM

You still owed rent if you were still there or your possessions were still there. The sad part is you turned it into an eviction.

That eviction can and will be picked up by the credit reporting agencies as a court judgement. That can affect any future car you try to buy, house you try to buy, credit card you try to get.

Eviction reporting companies will pick it up too. Either way, an eviction on your record is going to make it hard for you to rent the really nice places in the future for years on end. Landlords with nice places keep them that way by screening for things like this. Slumlords don't.

In my state simply not paying for any reason means you lose in court. There is no defense since even bad conditions meant legally you would have to deposit the rent with the court instead.

This record will not go away when you legally become an adult. --174.130.xx.xx

Confused (by DaveS [IL]) Posted on: Apr 5, 2012 7:33 PM


Start of Spring Break? Push away the keyboard and hit the road for someplace warm.

Confused (by Moshe [CA]) Posted on: Apr 5, 2012 8:07 PM

Just for the record, Beelocks, the fact that it [the premises] had been left unlocked and you were not living there, is hardly a good reason to assume that the premises have been abandoned.

Without knowing anything about NH, I would suggest that you check the meaning of "abandonment".

Confused (by BRAD 20,000 [IN]) Posted on: Apr 5, 2012 8:33 PM


You're in a bit of a mess.

The best thing you can do is talk to the LL, pay what is owed or at least part plus a written payment plan for the rest, such as $100 from each paycheck, and ask for your personal property back. Most states do not allow him to keep it.

Do this first thing in the morning.

Me? I'd get a locksmith in the morning.

Also, did you pay a security deposit? He can subtract that from what you owe AFTER you move out. He is NOT required to apply it until you leave.

Super clean the house and take 100 good pictures, literally, with a camera, NOT your phone! to prove how clean you left it.

The first letter was notice to end the lease. The second letter was due to non-payment. These are two separate issues, not dependent on each other.

A good resident pays his rent on time and keeps a spare key in his wallet or with a trusted friend or parent. (same with your car!)

Confused (by beelocks [NH]) Posted on: Apr 5, 2012 9:17 PM

Moshe, this is true. But I'm only guessing what the landlord in question may think to be right based on what the tenant has told us here. The tenant has not paid rent, the tenant is not living there, the tenant has left the building unlocked, the tenant has ignored demands for rent and a 5 day pay or quit notice - perhaps I should have used the term 'voluntarily vacated'?

Is the landlord really supposed to leave his vacant, untenanted building unlocked and at the mercy of the copper thieves?

Legally the landlord is not supposed to do anything until due process has been completed. Due process does not need to be completed in NH if the tenant advises the landlord that they are no longer in residence - a simple message left on voicemail is sufficient.

Realistically, the landlord secured both the property and the contents against possible theft. It is possible that the landlord has not changed the locks, since the tenant claims to have lost his keys he would not know if his keys work or not - if this is the case then the tenant has not been denied entry.

I'm not saying it's right for the landlord to lock the kid out without proper process. I'm just saying that most of us would prefer to prevent the theft rather than try to claim damages from some kid with no money who is irresponsible enough to leave the place unlocked.

Both landlords AND tenants are supposed to do the right thing - with the facts available I would say that neither party managed the situation 100% correctly. But we only have half the story from a tenant who doesn't even know what month it is :)

The important thing is that this tenant must collect together all the letters that the landlord sent and get his timelines in order so that he/she can seek proper advice.


Confused (by DeeDee [OH]) Posted on: Apr 6, 2012 8:28 AM

Are we allowing tenants to infiltrate this now!! For shame.

Confused (by Wallace CPM [VA]) Posted on: Apr 6, 2012 10:22 AM

I think I know why LL gave a 30-day termination notice...

Confused (by Moshe [CA]) Posted on: Apr 6, 2012 10:23 AM

Beelocks, your response to my suggestion that you check the meaning of abandonment is sheer drivel.

Even a tenant deserves better advice.

Confused (by beelocks [NH]) Posted on: Apr 6, 2012 4:55 PM

Moshe, once again you're absolutely right.

Having been lurking here for several weeks, I should have realized that you always are. --69.131.xx.xx

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