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rental application (by pat [WI]) Sep 7, 2009 5:55 AM
       rental application (by Virden [OH]) Sep 7, 2009 6:56 AM
       rental application (by Virden [OH]) Sep 7, 2009 7:03 AM
       rental application (by Nancy [IN]) Sep 7, 2009 8:59 AM
       rental application (by Nancy [IN]) Sep 7, 2009 9:01 AM
       rental application (by Chris [CA]) Sep 7, 2009 5:31 PM

rental application (by pat [WI]) Posted on: Sep 7, 2009 5:55 AM

State Specific Question About: WISCONSIN (WI)

question need to ask tenant

rental application (by Virden [OH]) Posted on: Sep 7, 2009 6:56 AM

So many to list it would just be easier to download a form, but watch your state and local laws regarding discrimination - turn the tables as if you were a tenant, hi I wanna rent your place with my 9kids, can we do the deposit close to the end of the lease cause i only have a little money now and with the debts at the corner liquor store i have to move before those guys come take away my 52inch tv set or my new hummer goes back in repo.

These tenants you just tell, i can not help you.

rental application (by Virden [OH]) Posted on: Sep 7, 2009 7:03 AM

On a serious note here is something gleaned here a couple years ago -->


LANDLORD: Hello my name is (your name) I'm one of the rental managers at Professional Property Care. How may I help you?

PROSPECT: xxx (Whatever they ask, respond with the following).

LANDLORD: I'll be happy to help you. To whom am I speaking please?

PROSPECT: ______________________________________________________

LANDLORD: Hi (prospect's name), How did you find out about our rental home?

PROSPECT: _______________________________________________________________________

LANDLORD: How soon, or what time range do you have before will you need to move into the next home that meets your needs? PROSPECT: ______________________________________________________

LANDLORD? What size or how many bedrooms will you need? ______________________

LANDLORD: How many people will be living in the rental? PROSPECT: _________________________

LANDLORD: Anyone else? PROSPECT: __________________________________________

LANDLORD: And is there a chance that any of you will have other relatives or friends who may move in and join you during the year? PROSPECT: ___________________________________________

LANDLORD: How many pets will be in the rental with you or in the yard? PROSPECT: _____________

LANDLORD: Any birds, reptiles, fish, or animals of any kind other than a dog or cat? ______________

LANDLORD: About how much (what type of price range) are you looking to spend on your next rental that meets your needs? Income Level? (3x rent) Note: by asking the prospect to give you a price, his or her price may be more than what you had in mind as market rent). PROSPECT: _____________________

LANDLORD: Is there any thing in particular you definitely would want included in your rental home package? PROSPECT: _________________________________________________________

LANDLORD: Okay, Mr. or Mrs. __________________________, I do have a rental home package I think you will like. Its in your price range, size range and time range. The next rental showing I have available is _____________________. Will that time be okay for you? If not the next showing will not be until ___________________________, but I cannot promise the rental will still be available at that time. (Give the same time to all prospects inquiring that day, because you want have about 3 or 4 prospects seeing the rental at the same time whenever possible). LANDLORD: Let me get your work number just in case something comes up. I would not want to stand you up if an emergency prevented me from being there and I ask that you please give me the same courtesy. Your work number is? _________________________

And what place of employment is that? ___________________________________________________

(This reduces the chances of being stood up, plus it is a polite way to find out if the prospect is employed).

PROSPECT: _____________________________________________________________________

LANDLORD: Please be aware that we run a credit report on all applicants. Is there any information in your credit or rental history that may hurt your chances in renting from us? Screening includes: credit check, criminal history, and eviction history. I tell them to bring these items when they come see the unit. They'll be needed if they decide to apply: Drivers License, pay stubs, current/previous addresses and LL contact information, and $25 application fee per adult.

PROSPECT: ______________________________________________________

LANDLORD: I look forward to meeting you at the rental appointment, and please remind me at that time to show you the move-in gift we give to all new residents. (Doubles the odds prospect will show up).

rental application (by Nancy [IN]) Posted on: Sep 7, 2009 8:59 AM

Tbat's great, Virdun, but I'd be really surprised if you can get through all that without the prospect hanging up.

I don't go that far on the initial call, though I do get all that info. The most I can get without facing increasing resistance for my failure to answer the question they actually asked is:

Me: Hello. I am XX, How can I help you?

Prospect: (usually something like) Hi. What's the address for the property listed?

I want to drive by.

Me: I'd be happy to help you. If you don't mind, I need to ask a couple of quick questions first and then I'll give you exact directions. Are you planning to move in (whatever month is next?)

Prospect: Usually tells me when they want to move.

Me: That's great (or the property will not be available so long from now or in such a short time). Are you moving because of work? (get answer) Can you tell me what pets you have?

Person: Answers. We're done if they have pets. "I really just wanted to do a drive by. Can you give me the address????"

Me: Sure, it's located in the X area, just off X road....oh, I forgot to many people will be moving with you?

Person: Tells me

Me: Go brightly right into the information about the house. Any longer delay and they get annoyed. If I can, I seize on any information they tell me that can further the conversation and THEN they start telling me stuff.

I'd never manage to get through that whole iist. It might work for large property managers with many options to offer, although I'd personally be aggravated at being asked so many questions before I've even seen the place and like it, but I wouldn't mind answering a couple.

I've learned that really good, professonal tenants, such as mine generally are, want to see it first and then wrap it up after. They will tell me anything I want to know while they are looking, although I realize that with lower end units or with dozens or hundreds of units, you can't spend that kind of time.

So just throwing my two cents out. Know your market.

rental application (by Nancy [IN]) Posted on: Sep 7, 2009 9:01 AM

Oops. Many typos! Sorry. Also, Virdun, I realize you didn't write this but are just sharing it, so please do not think I am criticizing. Just offering an alternative perspective.

rental application (by Chris [CA]) Posted on: Sep 7, 2009 5:31 PM

Time well spent - just lull them in in the beginning. Make them talk. Those who badmouth their existing LL are likely to be PITA tenants. Confrontational people keep having confrontations...

Are their pets f r i e n d l y and house trained? All too often, despite tough no pets leases, they bring dogs and once I had a carpet chewed up, another time I found dozens of turds, both times new carpets! Urine soaking up the padding underneath... You get it, big bucks!

structuring the conversation speeds things up. --125.25.xx.xx

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rental application
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