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Brief Overview of Tenant File Software program

Why buy hard to use and expensive Property Management Software?  Use America's Favorite Property Management Software, with over 15,000 users . . . and get a user-friendly property management software that doesn't require training!

The TENANT File Property Management Software makes it easy for you to quickly enter rents and post expenses.  Unlike most other property management software, no monthly closing is needed. With this excellent tenant software, you can easily run numerous date sensitive reports.  Now your rental management can be accomplished in just a few hours per month. You can create automatic payments for any vendor, write checks, and keep detailed interior, exterior, and general features - all at a low cost and with FREE technical support!
Property Management System for Owners or Managers of single or multi-family residential or commercial rental property. Our Rental Management Software includes:
Single Family
Multiple Family
Office Parks
Mobile Home Parks
Commercial Buildings
RV Parks
Office Parks
Sec 8 Housing
Homeowners Associations

Here's just a few of the Tenant File advantages!
No other Real Estate Management Software is so powerful with such ease of use!

* Separate Accounting - for more comprehensible and powerful accounting, the Tenant File maintains four separate accounting ledgers - one for each Owner, each Property, each Unit, and each Tenant. You specify how these ledgers are linked together to provide you with full flexible accounting . There is no monthly closing required!
* One Screen Information - no more slow navigating through multiple menu systems to find the information you need. With the Tenant File, one screen shows all! For instance, when full Owner detailed information is showing, all Property, Unit, and Tenant Information will be condensed. To see detailed Tenant Information, just click on the Tenant. Tenant Information will be enlarged and the Owner Information will be condensed. Ledger Transactions and notes are on the same screen, as well. The transactions can be enlarged to a full screen of accounting information.
* Automatic Posting - easily post any accounting code in the system to any or all ledgers. Use the automatic posting to quickly post rents, management fees, late fees, owner payments, fixed amounts, and more! You can even post percentages of rents, percentages of current balances for Tenants or Owners, and recurring fees.
* Point and Click Reports - reports can be printed to your printer, screen, or a file by simply selecting the report you want and then press 'Start Printing'. All reports come with their individual settings already saved with each report. You can set up your own preferences and save them instead - no complicated setup!
* Unlimited Vendor Payments - Making payments to your vendors couldn't be easier. Just select the group of Vendors you wish to write checks to and press 'Start'. Checks will be automatically created to each Vendor or consolidated by Vendor. you can set up any number of Vendors and any number of payments to each Vendor. The Tenant File keeps detailed Vendor information, such as Name, Contact Person. Complete Address, Four Phone numbers, and a large memo field - for each Vendor. Payments are easily assigned to each Vendor, and can be designated to automatically post to any rental unit in the system.
* Notes and more notes - you can never have too much space to keep notes. The Tenant File allows you to keep free form detailed notes on each Owner, Property, Unit, and Tenant. Plus, there is additional note space in the Features section.
* Property Features - keep very detailed information about your rental units. Feature information is maintained under four major categories, such as Interior, Exterior, Appliances, and General. Each of these may contain up to 15 subcategories, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, refrigerator , floor coverings, or yard type. Each subcategory can even contain up to 5 default choices for easy entry, or you can type in your own details.
* Exporting - Reports, and mailing labels can be exported in other popular programs or HTML format for the Internet. Just choose file instead of print and you are finished.
* 3 Bank Accounts - Besides your Property Management Account, you can have 2 other bank accounts for your Security Deposits, Escrow Accounts, or whatever you choose.
* Reminder System - Use our full featured Reminder System to keep track of important 'To Do' lists, or 'Events' that have taken place. Each Tenant, Owner, and Vendor can have reminders created 'on the fly' which pop up when you enter the program or as a specific date nears. The Reminder System also reminds you of Tenants with balances, Leases expiring, and much more! 

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Tenant File Screen Shots

Main Menu


These four buttons take you to the same screen, yet with different views.The sample shown is a small part of the 'Tenant' view. Each Owner, Property, Unit, and Tenant has a separate ledger, which shows all activity.

Easy report setup that remembers your settings.

Unlimited Vendor and Vendor Payments.

Quick and easy check writing and bank deposit posting.

Full featured check register with reconcile feature. Easy rent charging and posting. Reminder system with to-do lists, lease expirations, balances due and more. Back up all of your important information easily and quickly.

Interior / Exterior Features


Report Menu


Automatic Posting


Automatic Rent Charging


Group Email Features


Automatic Late Fee Charges


All information and ledgers on one screen


Easily backup your information


Create, add, and edit  your own accounts


Easy to add Checks and Deposits


Easy rent posting


Reminder System


Check Register


...and there's more! With the Tenant File, you get easy installation, free phone support for 60 days, and free unlimited email/fax support for the last  3 versions!

  * plus the TENANT File is ready to use on your office network!*




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