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(Providing Needed Products/Services to Rental Owners)


Do you need a specific rental form RIGHT NOW? We know that landlords sometimes just need one particular form that is specifically written for their state. And often they need it immediately (i.e., application, lease, move-in checklist, notice to pay or quit). So has partnered up with a top legal publishing firm to provide various state specific rental forms for all your landlording needs that can be purchased individually and immediately downloaded on-line. We have the largest on-line selection of state specific landlord tenant forms available from any source. While offers dozens of excellent forms for marketing and communication with residents, these do not replace the need for proper legal forms that you will need in connection with running your rental business. To best protect your interests, we do not want to only offer standardized forms, because many standardized forms are not acceptable in all states. Also, most free forms that are shared by website visitors are not valid outside of their area. Forms from our partner supplier are drafted by attorneys to comply with the laws of your state. Free Previews are available of every form. And all forms can be downloaded immediately. Click now to review all landlord forms available especially if you need one state-specific form now to give to an applicant or resident. Forms can be ordered and downloaded immediately.



Tenant File Software is the most recommended software by our website visitors. Various versions are available to manage any number of rentals. Tenant File makes management of rental property easy and efficient. Upgrades are possible to manage more units as your number of rental properties grows. There are many features that are unique to Tenant File. Form letters are also an easy and powerful addition to Tenant File. Tenant File is an excellent value with free technical support, updates and networking capacity. For many more details about this excellent software, CLICK HERE.


Buy ODORXIT - The Best Odor Eliminator Available!
Do Any Of Your Properties Have Odor Problems?
Cat Urine/Territorial Spray, Mildew, Smelly Refrigerators, Dog Feces In Carpet, Bathroom or Garbage or Dead Animal Odors? This product really works. Do NOT recarpet, repaint or refinish floors without trying ODORXIT first. It gets rid of odors easily and economically. A 16 ounce bottle makes four gallons of spray, enough to do dozens of spot jobs or a couple of big jobs. Just dilute with water and spray house or apartment. It is guaranteed that the odor will be gone or you will get your money back! Click here for more details about how it works.


* Reduce your number of residents who have unpaid or late rent, unauthorized occupants, unauthorized pets, etc.
* Reduce your number of residents who damage your rental unit and residents leave owing you rent or money for damages.
* Reduce your number of residents who have bad debts, court costs, and attorney fees in their history.
* Reduce your chances of or exposure to Fair Housing Violations for not treating all Applicants the same.
Obtain quick, low cost credit reports online within seconds right on your computer screen. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No membership fees or monthly dues required.
CLICK HERE for more details or to obtain reports!


Many, many visitors to ask the question: "How can I report my tenants to the three credit bureaus?" Good News. Landlords who visit are now able to report a resident's bad debt to the big three (Trans Union, Equifax and Experian) right ON-LINE for one low flat fee of only $12.95. In addition, there is a second service option available that can greatly assist you in collecting a debt. For only four additional dollars (total of $16.95), a total of THREE "official" collection letters will be sent in sequence from a national, licensed collection agency to your former resident demanding past-due payment be made directly to you the landlord. No commissions or contingency fees charged to the landlord for this service. You receive 100% of the past amount due. And registration to use these services is free! Click here to learn more and/or start using the Report Bad Debts services.


You can request Eviction Reports in all 50 states to go with a credit report. Eviction reports show eviction cases filed, plus non-money judgments that donŐt show up on credit reports. Eviction reports are inexpensive and great tools for discovering if renters have been served and sued by previous landlords for not paying their rent. Some residents may have a decent credit report and FICO score, (they may even seem like "nice" people), but, it's also important to see if there is any eviction report on file for them. Eviction reports are as low as $5 extra! Click here to view a sample report or to request a report.


Do you need information on the whereabouts of a former resident? Like thousands of other landlords, maybe a tenant left town owing you money for unpaid rent or damages and you now want to collect money due you! A national Skip Tracing Service can help you by providing a Comprehensive Person Search Report. This report can assist you in locating a former tenant or "any" individual that you may need to find for various real estate or legal purposes. The featured service has a very high (99.9%) success rate of finding information. The comprehensive report will include info on your former tenant with far more than just a current address or phone number, guaranteed. If the report comes back without any information on the person you are looking for, you pay nothing! Click to learn all that is included in the comprehensive report, and testimonials of those who've used the service.


If you are a real estate investor looking to buy or refinance rental property, or, are you having difficulty getting a loan? You no longer have to take a chance on being rejected. There are special investor finance/mortgage programs for those with good or marginal credit, or those who are self employed or doing rehab projects. An unlimited number of loans per investor are available along with commercial loans for all types and sizes of property. Click here to find out about special investor finance and mortgage programs.


Master keyed Titan locks are now available for your properties at WHOLESALE prices!
Titan "Hancock" Entry locksets, Titan 780 Single Deadbolts,
Titan 785 Double Deadbolts - LOWEST PRICES all in bright brass finish. Ask for free "key form" and free master/control key and system set up available to MRLANDLORD.COM web site visitors nationwide. Titan cylinder rekeying/exchange is available for only $3.00 per cylinder. Want to know more? Click here for lock prices and to learn more about the LANDLORD'S LOCK SERVICE.


If you would like to obtain property insurance, compare quotes or just discuss different insurance options and coverages available for your rental property at the best possible price, click the link below. Compare rates to what you are now paying or get a quote on a new acquisition. Also receive assistance if your currently policy is being canceled or not renewed. This nationwide service can help whether you have single family, multi-units, apartments, commercial, vacant property or a rehab or renovation project. They'll even help with renters insurance for your residents. Contact them for every property-related insurance need or question you may have.


There are a wide variety of powerful and helpful legal tools provided and offered exclusively to subscribers and visitors who seek assistance. Know your legal rights, avoid costly mistakes, protect your assets, future wealth and greatly reduce estate taxes. These legal tools, suppliers and services are overseen by Attorney Howard Spiva, the Legal advisor to Click here to see the vital legal tools supplied to visitors.


MRLANDLORD.COM Rental Forms and Word Processor CD Program.
W.G. Software, a leading software provider, has developed this program specifically for visitors and subscribers. This Word Processor program on CD allows you to use and/or edit any of over
100 recommended rental forms by MR LANDLORD
(the leading resource for rental property owners nationwide). This program also provides a way for you to create and save additional rental forms, letters and notices. Another great benefit of using this program, is that if you own the
Tenant File Property Management program
, (available for free with the Gigantic Mr Landlord newsletter subscription package), the word processor program can automatically insert/incorporate the Tenant File property and tenant records right into any of the MR LANDLORD forms you designate or create. This CD word processor program is easy to use. You can change any of the following; font (letter) style, font size, line spacing. You can edit, delete or customize and save any of the wording on the forms and perform a spell check. And of course, you can print any of the forms. This CD program is a great resource, which includes every possible form or letter you could need for most any rental situation (119 forms total), a "must have" for all visitors and subscribers. Click here to go over to the catalog section of this website to order or for more information.


With many suppliers, services and books available to rental owners, be sure to read the reviews and comments from other visitor to our website. See what other landlords recommend and have to say about the suppliers listed above and other items offered on Click here!


REDUCE OR ELIMINATEYOUR UTILITY EXPENSES! If you're an apartment owner (50 unit building or bigger), most likely, Studebaker Submetering, a supplier of submetering equipment and services can greatly reduce your expenses by making residents responsible for the water bill (and other utilities for that matter). Contact them now and see how their services can help reduce your expenses. Call toll-free 1-800-987-9877, ask for Ringo. He's promised to give visitors a special discount if there are any initial costs required to submeter.)


Do you (or your company) have a product to offer rental owners? We would like to promote products on this website that would help make property management easier and/or more profitable for landlords and managers. If you do offer a product or service for rental owners, click here to send us an email, and say I am a Supplier. in the subject line. Briefly describe your product or service in the body of your message. We will then send you a follow-up email. Thank you for helping landlords be successful.


Check out our Q & A Landlord Library. On the introductory page of this awesome resource are links to the websites of several suppliers of products and services of landlords. The supplier links are highlighted on a rotating basis. Click now to see four featured supplier links.



Copyright (c) 1998-2019 MRLANDLORD.COM All rights reserved.

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Comments From Landlords:

  • "I just want to say that when I found this site I had just bought my building and had absolutly no idea as to what I was doing. The questions and replies on this site have taught me so much that now I can actually take care of business without being afraid of doing or saying anything that could get me sued. Even my husband is amazed at the knowledge I have gained through this site. So all I want to say is THANK YOU ALL!! You people rock!"
  • You have a great site that helps me to make better decisions in my daily routine. Thanks for being here.

  • If you want a LOT of bang for your buck then you should sign up for the Cruise in December. I've gone twice and it was fabulous. The ideas I got are paying for the cruise MANY times over.
    Dan, MA.