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Use The Internet To Showcase Your Properties
And To Fill Vacancies
(For Less Than 10 Cents Per Day)

Do you want to fill your vacancies? If so, are you using all the tools now available to you? I know many of you have not yet created or purchased your own website. Well, through a new alliance with a major website home rental promotional company, we are excited to announce a service available to website visitors and Rental Owner Update email subscribers. You can now showcase and expose your rental properties on the internet with full web page descriptions anytime throughout the year and you do not have to have your own website to do it.

With your WEB PAGE FOR-RENT ADS you can direct prospective residents from your classified ads, flyers or signs in front of your rental to your web page that will give a complete description of your property, including information on features, upgrades, photo and comments on availability dates and any unique services, rental packages or rental rates you may offer. Save time on the phone repeating the description and answering prospective calls. Direct them to your web site and have them call back if they are interested. In addition, with the service we are introducing you to, you will have your property exposed to hundreds or thousands additional prospective residents who would never have even heard about your property without this service. However, you will only have to respond to the ones who prequalify themselves by first seeing your For-Rent Web Page(s).

MRLANDLORD.COM has joined forces with RentConnection, which allows rental owners to showcase their homes on full web pages on their website and they promote rental homes to prospective residents nationwide. The company is growing so fast with effective promotion (over 100,000 rental prospects per month looking for homes) that they do not have enough rental homes to offer qualified future residents. From their start RentConnection has advertised their service to prospective residents nationwide. However, it has only been with some states on the East coast and a few other states throughout the country where rental owners have discovered the many benefits the company offer to landlords. MRLANDLORD.COM saw this situation has a great opportunity to develop an alliance. We have thousands of rental owners visiting our website daily who are seeking qualified residents and an inexpensive way to showcase or expose their rentals to them. Not only did develop an alliance with RentConnection, we have negotiated an exclusive rate of less than 10 cents a day per rental page. This rate is available only for visitors and email subscribers.

MR. LANDLORD Rental Owners can choose between three different packages and rates. All packages include the following features:

* A full Web Page property description of amenities and comments for each property
* Unlimited access to update, delete or replace a property description
* Color picture for each property
* A detailed map to each property
* Contact information including phone number
* Direct Link to your website or your email address

Below are the rates for packages available only to visitors and email subscribers.

BASIC: This rate reserves ONE web page position for you and this rate is for the rental owners who anticipate no more than one vacancy at any one time. When your vacancy is filled, you simply delete that property from your web page and replace it with information for the next property you will have available. On any listing, you can include "availability date" for a property that may not be available for a few months, which will additional time to continue to expose a rental home and attract a good resident. (Rate is only $7.00 a month for visitors)

LANDLORD: (the better deal) This is a one year membership rate for rental owners who may anticipate up to 3 vacancies at any one time during the year. This rate reserves up to 3 web page positions for you throughout the year. You will have a password which allows access to all of your web pages that you may, edit, modify, delete or replace at any time during the year, giving you total control. Your cost is less than 10 cents a day per web page. (Rate is $99 per year for visitors only).

LARGE OWNER/MANAGER: We recognize that there are some visitors and subscribers who own a large number of rentals or who manage many properties for others. This is a one year membership rate that allows you to post an UNLIMITED number of rentals to the site. (Rate is $178 per year for visitors and subscribers)
Take advantage of one of these exclusive rates for your own Web Page For-Rent Ads available to you by clicking below. Still not convinced?? Click here to go to to see sample ad pages and how the program actually works. Then be sure and come back to sign up through for the special pricing and ad rates available only to visitors who sign up through this website.


CLICK HERE to see our FAQ page
if you have a few more questions before you sign up.



Copyright (c) 1998-2019 MRLANDLORD.COM All rights reserved.

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Comments From Landlords:

  • "I first want to THANK YOU! Your site is awesome. I have learned more since I have visited your site in one or two days then I have in my whole 10 yrs. dealing with rental properties. Many, Many Thanks keep up the good work."
  • "I want to express my gratitude to all of you and others who have answered my questions from this site. This site is a blessing to us all, both to the new and the old, to the beginner and veteran, to the rich and to those who wanted to become wealthy through real estate knowledge. Most of all I want to thank Jeffrey for his creativity and insight in helping us. May we continue building our wealth by helping others. Grace and peace multiply to each and everyone of us as we harvest the wealth of the land and help others do the same thing and shelter those who are in need of rental properties."
  • "I've only been a LL for 1.5 years. I searched all the websites I could find during that time. I've learned more from this site than any other. I no longer surf the net looking for info. I come here! I'll tell ya, there are none better than Mr. LL. So to all you neophytes...don't waste your time with the others. Stick with the best. hat is off to ya!"
    Dennis, VA.