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When a resident moves in to your property on any day other than the first of the month, the amount of the rent due will need to be prorated. That is where this landlord calculator comes in handy. It will permit you to quickly determine how much rent is due. To use this calculator, simply put in the following information: 1) Which month that the rent will be prorated for the resident. (We suggest the SECOND month of occupancy, not the first (please see tip below). 2) Numbered day of the month resident moved in (i,e. 15, 10 or 23) and 3) The normal monthly rental amount, The Rent Prorater will then do the calculation for you.

Please enter the exact monthly rent in the box provided below.
DO NOT include a "$" in your entry.

Monthly Rent: $
Move-in Month:
Start Day:

*NOTE* If you are using this calculator in a leap year, February's daily rent will be calculated using 29 days.

**Important Tip: It is suggested that rental owners ALWAYS collect a full month's rent in advance (at time of move-in) no matter what date the resident moves in and charge the calculated prorated rent at the beginning of the second month of occupancy. For example, let's say the normal monthly rent on one of your homes is $500. If a resident is moving in on the 16th of August, require that the resident pay $500 for the rent at time of move in, and on the first of September, the calculated prorated rent will be due for the 16th of September thru September 30th, which would be $250. By always getting at least a full month's rent upfront, it increases the chances that the resident will have money to continue to pay rent thereafter, and if not, at least you have received more money before having to start eviction. Many landlords have learned this the hard way, when for example a resident moved in with only five day remaining in the month and payed a small amount of prorated rent. And when the first of the next month came, the new resident never paid anymore! Remember, get full month's rent the first month, prorated rent the second month.



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  • "I first want to THANK YOU! Your site is awesome. I have learned more since I have visited your site in one or two days then I have in my whole 10 yrs. dealing with rental properties. Many, Many Thanks keep up the good work."

  • "I want to express my gratitude to all of you and others who have answered my questions from this site. This site is a blessing to us all, both to the new and the old, to the beginner and veteran, to the rich and to those who wanted to become wealthy through real estate knowledge. Most of all I want to thank Jeffrey for his creativity and insight in helping us. May we continue building our wealth by helping others. Grace and peace multiply to each and everyone of us as we harvest the wealth of the land and help others do the same thing and shelter those who are in need of rental properties."
    Roy, FL.

  • "I've only been a LL for 1.5 years. I searched all the websites I could find during that time. I've learned more from this site than any other. I no longer surf the net looking for info. I come here! I'll tell ya, there are none better than Mr. LL. So to all you neophytes...don't waste your time with the others. Stick with the best. hat is off to ya!"
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