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There's been a lot of buzz on about a book called the SECTION 8 BIBLE. If you rent to Section 8, low income or residents in low to middle income areas, you are considering it, we highly recommend that you get copies of the Section 8 Bibles, Volume I and II.

The Section 8 Bibles are an excellent guide on How To SUCCEED with Section 8 and /or low income Housing or challenging inner-cities properties.
Discover how the author and his partner has carved out a nice living in not-so-nice neighborhoods! The authors share the good, the bad and ugly. Nothing is held back.

There are many money saving tips found in this book, which will save you far more than the price of the book. The book reveals how the authors started out with only $34,000 between the two of them and ended up buying and renting over 300 homes, all to Section 8 tenants. The authors have come up with hundreds of shortcuts and different ways of getting around many of the annoying Section 8 rules and codes and they share numerous money saving and tenant-proofing tips. The tips in these books are hands down the best in the business for dealing with Section 8 and low income residents.

Here are a couple of recent comments from our Q&A Forum by other landlords who've read it -

Section 8 Bible (by Alan [CA])
We bought & recommend it.

Section 8 Bible (by Gail K [GA])
A real estate friend of mine just finished reading it and lent it to me. I've been reading volume I at lunch. Lots of good information..

Section 8 Bible (by michelle [MS])
VERY good book. good to use for low-income houses as well.

You will find tons of hard-earned information. But Wait! Also included in this Member only special offer is the Section 8 Bible Volume 2! Read on for a word from the authors of the best-selling Section 8 Bible Volume 1.

In this volume we will be holding nothing back! If you liked Volume I, you're gonna love Volume II!

Volume I was a feeler of sorts. We put out a great book and we also saw what we could get away with. This time around, we're gonna push it to the limit. In fact, we're gonna go over the limit and rip the roof off this Section 8 land lording business!

So sit down, get a nice drink, a bag of popcorn, and get ready to laugh, learn, and save with the greatest landlord book ever written- The Section 8 Bible Volume II is finally here!!!

The regular price of these books normally sell separately for $29.95. We now for a limited time, you can buy one, and get one free if you are a Gold or Platinum Club Member/Subscriber. When you buy Section 8 Bible, Volume 1 now, you get Volume 2 for FREE! (Save $30 off the regular combined price, plus FREE shipping!) If you are not currently a member, click now for membership info.

If you are already a current Gold or Platinum Member/Subscriber and you wish to order the both books at the Membership price (buy Volume 1, get Volume 2 free), total only $30, call our offices. Call 1-757-436-2606 to request both Section 8 Bibles and let the customer service representative know that you are a Gold or Platinum Member.

If you do not wish to become a a Gold or Platinum Member at this time, but you wish to order both Section 8 Bibles at a slightly discounted combination price of $50.00, click to add both of these resources to your cart.

Once again, if you rent to Section 8 or low income residents BOTH of these Section 8 Bibles (Volume I and II) are an absolute must!

PRICE: $50.00

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