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#clr1 John Schaub's Special Convention Offer! (ONLY 15 left)

Suggested Retail: $449.85        SALE PRICE: $299.90


Learn to improve your cash flow with every deal you make
Cheap money and cheaper prices make buying for cash flow within reach today once you learn how
Structure deals with the right risks for the returns you want
Create Financing that will increase your cash flow
Control cash flow without ownership
Structure cash flow cash flow deals with retirement plans
Protect your assets and your cash flow
7 ways to increase your cash flow this year

Marketing to the perfect tenant
Renting fast without showing properties
Selecting and signing up great tenants
Managing and updating your properties while they are full
Training your tenants - or they will train you
Making money every time tenants call
Being a landlord without an office
Nine inexpensive ways to reward long term tenants
Raising rents reasonably and regularly
Getting rid of unwanted tenants without evicting
Avoiding landlord burnout - rewarding yourself
The 10 Never Break Rules of Management
PLUS Get a complete set of John's proven management forms

Learn to buy with owner financing and keep the bank's share of the profit!
Learn how to borrow on terms that virtually guarantee you a profit
Buying when banks won't lend to you, and house prices are at their lowest
Five sources of sellers who will gladly sell to you on terms
Ten questions to ask every seller before you make an offer
The five steps to negotiating and closing an owner financing offer
Buying and selling with owner financing to create cash flow spreads
Negotiating the down payment and terms that protect you
Converting a negative cash flow property to a positive cash flow note
Selling on terms and creating notes that have the most value
Selling an owner financed note at the smallest discount to create cash today

I was so honored to have John Schaub participate in this year's Landlord Convention. He is truly a legend in the real estate education arena and one of the all-time best real estate instructors. And he still keeps his courses at an unbelievable low price in today's age.

Dozens of attendees took advantage of his 3 courses that were made available. All 3 are complete, full-day trainings with a TON of information and wisdom shared, worth over ten times the price. And each of John's courses includes several audio CDs plus a detailed computer CD workbook containing forms and contracts on the related subject matter.

Quite frankly, I was amazed that everybody didn't get one or better yet all 3 for only $299.95. Wow! Three days worth of outstanding landlording and investing training from one of the all time masters.

Buy two and get the third one for free by calling customer service, 1-800-950-2250 or click below to order now online.

Each of these courses normally sell for $149.95 Now, for a limited time while supplies last, you can purchase two of them and get the third for FREE - only $299.90 TOTAL (Save $149.95 off the regular price, plus FREE shipping!)

#clr1 John Schaub's Special Convention Offer!
Suggested Retail: $449.85        SALE PRICE: $299.90

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