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Landlord Resources:CDs / DVDs


Suggested Retail: $49.00        SALE PRICE: $39.95

This is a 75 minute no-nonsense, eye-opening and revealing CD audio training course in a "Cash Flow" series by Jeffrey Taylor, founder of This audio CD covers the Most Costly Mistakes by Rental Property Owners. Jeffrey teaches practical and proven business concepts that can greatly increase your net rental profits by implementing powerful strategies that most other landlords don't do. In this particular training, Jeffrey teaches you to do the strategies that most landlords fail to do and points out the actions that many mistakenly do which is unknowingly costing them thousands of dollars. This CD reveals:

* Biggest reasons your rental income (like most landlords) does NOT Increase!
* Find out why landlords are NOT able to get the kind of residents they want.
* Discover why residents do NOT stay longer and why residents move.
* Identify residents that you DON'T want to keep or your headaches will continue!
* The problem is not what you are doing, it's what you as the landlord are NOT doing or communicating (Stop blaming your residents!).
* What most landlords neglect to do before setting or negotiating rental rates.
* What landlords mistakenly do that actually trains your residents to move
* How to stop having same type maintenance or rental emergencies over and over!
* Stop doing your rental business the "old-fashioned" way, give residents what THEY want and you can significantly increase your cash flow!

Jeffrey, and his wife Dot, started investing in real estate 30 years ago. He's made many mistakes along the way and has learned a lot from those costly mistakes. He is committed to helping other landlords not to make the same mistakes. And this audio CD training will help you identify management practices that you are doing and not doing that is greatly affecting your cash flow by thousands of dollars every year.

Suggested Retail: $49.00        SALE PRICE: $39.95

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