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Landlord Resources:CDs / DVDs


Suggested Retail: $49        SALE PRICE: $39.95

This educational training resource features Jeffrey Taylor, founder of and is professionally recorded. It is a power-packed CD audio training with innovative and motivational instruction.

Many of you have not had the opportunity to attend one of Jeffrey's seminars. Here is a great opportunity to hear how he does not HOPE for the best residents, and how he strategically seeks the ideal residents and shows he finds and identifies them. He presents effective ideas and business principles that he shares with rental owners across the world. A big benefit of ordering the CD training is that you will be able to listen to the ideas over and over so that you can fully grasp, apply and adapt the proven strategies into your rental situations. Whenever you need motivation, both now and throughout the year, from America's #1 landlording coach, simply play the CD to gain new insight and be reminded of effective landlording concepts to fill your vacancy. This particular audio CD is titled: How To Fill A Vacancy With Best Residents for You! (And For Maximum Rent).

This audio CD is from a live "boot-camp" training with landlords attending from both the United States and Australia, conducted by Jeffrey Taylor and includes dozens of innovative tips with much of the focus to help you fill your vacancies faster with the best residents for you. Here's what a couple of website visitors have said about Jeffrey and his resources:

"His audio CDs are loaded with ideas, suggestions and programs that, if implemented, will pay for them many times over." - Aldo (WI)

"He not only is a good speaker but shares lots of very helpful and positive information... If he is not coming to a town near you I'd highly recommend his CDs or DVDs. His information is very straight forward and very easy to understand. Even if you can only incorporate 10% of what his message is into your rental properties you'll be ahead of the game... Jeffrey has a lot of personality and a sincere concern to help us all be better people and landlords." - Patty (MO)

Audio CD Training topics include
* How to advertise and "fix-up" your property so that you attract the kind of residents you want.
* Where to find ideal residents
* How to determine which residents are best for you
* How to make your properties more appealing
* Vital questions to include in your application to identify ideal prospects
* Identify the "wrong" residents BEFORE you rent to them

* Strategies to employ during the application process to maximize the rent amount
* How to communicate to residents and eliminate costly surprises after the vacancy is filled.

The proven strategies work in all types of neighborhoods, even in tough or competitive rental markets. Stop making excuses, listen while driving or at home and learn from this training how to fill your vacancies now. Money back if the ideas in this CD doesn't help you get your property rented. If we can't help you fill your vacancy faster, send the CD back for a complete refund. How's that for a guarantee! If you've never heard Jeffrey before, click below and order your CD now.

Suggested Retail: $49        SALE PRICE: $39.95

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