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PRICE: $79.00

We are celebrating 30+ years of serving rental property owners

And over this time, our Mr Landlord Newsletter has been our cornerstone and the most distributed and popular resource. Tens of thousands have requested it over the years. In recent years we have made available numerous additional awesome resources for subscribers and made it all part of ongoing GOLD and PLATINUM CLUB membership. And we are extremely excited to announce that we have added a whole new download section to our website specifically for Gold Club and Platinum Club Members.

If you enroll as a Platinum Club Member, in addition to receiving the monthly printed Mr. Landlord, you will immediately have access of up to $2,000 in bonus resources the first year (DOUBLE THE GOLD CLUB BONUSES) in the new download section of our website.

In addition, every quarter we will add at least 2 new free real estate resources; special reports, rental forms, audio or video trainings. This special membership is for rental owners who want to continually learn from two or more new real estate resources every 60 to 90 days!



1) Ongoing subscription to the popular Mr. Landlord Newsletter - 12 issues every year - (Celebrating 30+ years helping landlords maximize their cash flow!)

Plus immediate download access to all of the following:
2) A complete 6 hour Audio Course by Jeffrey Taylor - Landlording A to Z (From Move-in to Move-Up) $199 Value
Library/Archive of 250+ Cash Flow Ideas
4) 100 Rental Forms for Marketing, Resident Retention, and much more.
5) Three Special Reports
* How to Fill Your Vacancies Fast
* How to Get Rents On Time
* Jeffrey’s Personal Lease Agreement.
6) Two Audio Trainings
* Ron LeGrand interviews Jeffrey Taylor - Double Your Rental Income.
* How To Eliminate Turnover Time and Increase Profits
7) Video Training – Introduction to Money Making Management

IN ADDITION, you will have access to TWO new free real estate resources; new and updated forms, special reports, audio or video trainings added to our "download" site every 60 to 90 days - Up to $2,000 in bonus value each year, includes bonuses below you can take advantage of (DOUBLE the Gold Club Bonuses)!

Each report, audio or video can help you save/make hundreds or thousands of dollars. Each report, audio or video has a value $19 to $99.

PLUS you are entitled to a BIG discounts $300 LANDLORD BOOTCAMP VOUCHER & LANDLORD RETREAT DISCOUNT VOUCHER good toward our annual Landlording Boot Camp and the Getaway Retreat to the Bahamas, Cancun, Hawaii, Jamaica, Caribbean or Alaska.

We invite you to take advantage of this special Platinum Club Membership offer. Thousands of subscribers already order the real estate resources we make available throughout our catalog pages. Now we make it possible for you, as a member of our PLATINUM CLUB, to have access to a growing estate library of valuable information, with access to a new resources every 60 to 90 days. More significantly, each resource will help you make or save hundreds of dollars. The resources cover a variety of money-making real estate and management topics. Obviously, just one or two great ideas from each resource will be worth 10 to 10 times the cost of Platinum Club Membership.


The best news is that even though you have access to up to $2,000 in bonus resources, we invite you now to join or enroll in our Platinum Club where you will receive the complete Platinum Club Membership Subscription Package with all of the bonuses for only $79 paid quarterly or for an annual price of only $199. And you have the option to stop your membership and subscription at any time.

Are you kidding me? Package deals do not get better than this! If you are already a subscriber, but your subscription is about to expire, this is one of the BEST ways to renew or extend your subscription and get immediate access to $2,000 worth of free resources plus more bonus real estate resources to be added every 60 to 90 days.

Click now to go to the new Download section of our website to sign up for gigantic Platinum Club membership package or if you prefer call 757-436-2606.

As stated as a Platinum Club Member, you can choose to pay quarterly. If so, you agree to give Mr. Landlord authorization to debit $79 quarterly from your credit card four times a year. As a Platinum Club Member, you always reserve the right to cancel your membership anytime you give notice and Mr. Landlord Inc. agrees to immediately stop debiting your credit card account quarterly and stop providing any membership bonuses. Click the button below if you want to add this to the cart and pay $79 quarterly.

If you want to only pay $199 annually, Click now to go to the new Download section of our website to sign up for the Platinum Club membership package.

PRICE: $79.00

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