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Suggested Retail: $199.95        SALE PRICE: $119.95

The Perfect "FUN" GAME and Gift for Landlords, Aspiring Landlords or Members of Your Family!

Regular Price - $199.95 - On sale now for $119.95 - (Save 40%)

Introducing Mr. Landlord's "Fill Your Vacancies Fast" Game!
Learn how to quickly fill your vacancies with qualified residents with this marketing and screening training all interwoven into a GAME!

This one-of-a-kind "Fill Your Vacancies Fast" GAME was created to encourage landlords to utilize multiple marketing techniques to fill your vacancies faster. Cash flow is the life blood of the rental business. Each day a vacancy sits empty is less money that you have to cover your expenses or to maintain and improve your property. And selecting the wrong residents can cost you even more. It takes both marketing and effective screening to be a winner! Learn to become a master at both skills!

1-4 players per game session. Ages 10 & up. Players can even choose to play against the computer (see if you can fill a vacancy faster than the computer) and improve your landlording skills. The more you play, the better you get!

With this game you will learn:

* A variety of different marketing strategies to fill your vacancies fast! (Over 50+ strategies incorporated into the game)

* How to more quickly identify qualified applicants!

* Numerous warning signs of potential deadbeats!

* How to establish a simple and clear screening criteria for selecting applicants!

Testimonials for the Mr. Landlord Game:

"Bought the Mrlandlord (Computer) Game Friday night LATE!

My children (affectionately known as Pebbles and Bam Bam) are playing it nonstop with ol' dad. They picked up the game real quick and are talking like mom and dad. However, they rented to deadbeats early, like I did when I first started in the biz. They are learning fast to do their due diligence before accepting tenants.

They will be light years ahead of me early on in their landlording careers. It is unbelievable. It is even making me rethink our screening process. And it is a blast to play with our kids.

Pebbles already told us she doesn't want a car when she turns "16". I got 9 years to find her a bargain; She wants a rental house!

God help me when my kids are landlords too. I don't need more competition, especially in my own house. LOL!

Pookie (my wife) just came downstairs, 'You hear them kids? They are still playing that game!' Look out Mario, Mr. Landlord is out to crush your mushrooms! --Lee, (IN)"

Have fun playing this game yourself ow with your family or real estate friends or members of your real estate team! Another landlord shared "I will start playing the game with other family members, AND also play the game with anyone who will be assisting him with his rentals, to help provide and supplement their marketing and screening training."

An email to us included the following note: I've been playing since you sent the activation code - every evening (since Christmas)! I love the game! It's really making me look at some of my judgement calls and driving home the power of marketing and screening applicants. I don't know which one of you came up with the idea of the game but I think it's very clever! I'm going to tell my landlord friends about it. Happy New Years and I hope to see you on the cruise. Thanks!" --Mickie (OH)

"The more they play, the more they learn and the better they get. :)"

What's All Included:

1. The Mr. Landlord Game: Fill Your Vacancies Fast! (PC-GAME/SOFTWARE)

2. Two Bonus Marketing & Screening Audio CDs Training By Jeffrey Taylor, Founder,

3. Bonus Special Report 1: Filling Vacancies Fast Checklist: 200 Ways to get a Property Rented in 30 Days or Less!

4. Bonus Special Report 2: 84 Red Flags: Warning Signs when Screening Applicants!

5. New Resident Criteria Checklist & Pad of 50 Sample Applicant Criteria Score Sheets used in the game.

The Perfect FUN Game and Gift! - Regular Price - $199.95 - On sale now for $119.95 limited time (Save 40%).

Suggested Retail: $199.95        SALE PRICE: $119.95

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