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#AWC Airbnb for Landlords

Suggested Retail: $735        SALE PRICE: $199.95


This course shows you how to transform your rental home into an Airbnb or VRBO property so you can attract and host the most profitable clients. The strategy guide, workbook, videos and templates make it easy for you to increase your net income by zeroing in on thebusiness travel sector of the hospitality industry.

Yes, you can make MUCH more running a hospitality business instead of traditional landlording. But the problem is you can also do a lot more work and spend a lot more money WITHOUT gaining a lot more NET income.

Honestly, you can wear yourself out responding to text messages and scheduling turnovers. And, if you don’t have the correct systems in place, you may quit because you didn’t sign up for a part-time job.

That would be a tragic waste of your money…. But there is a smarter option.

A Better Way to Operate Short Term Rentals

Al Williamson has been an Airbnb guest and host since 2011. He used the service to find lodging while on long term assignments related to his civil engineering job. As a seasoned landlord, he realized that although he loved being a pampered guest, he couldn’t replicate the experience at his rentals without going crazy. The level of effort needed to meet expectations simply wasn’t sustainable unless your Airbnb rental was next to your home.

However in 2015 Airbnb introduced their Business Travel Ready category. This new category set the stage for landlords to excel. Now you can cater to business travelers and not time-consuming tourists.

After creating short-stay rentals that doubled his net income, Al created Airbnb for Landlords to help you use your rental more profitably.

The Business Travel Ready Category

Now there’s a category specifically for landlords.

Now you can:

> Serve guests who don’t want to interact with you
> Cater to a people that neighbors will welcome
> Automate your rental so you can provide a 5-Star service without the stress of being on call 24 hours a day
> Effortlessly generate a sustainable annual net income that’s 35% greater than a traditional landlord… that’s on the conservative side

So even if your rental isn’t in a tourist destination, you still have opportunities to house business travelers. Imagine getting your cut of the hospitality industry …You can by catering to short-term travelers who are ready to pay hotel rates for your rental.

How This Course Will Help You

Many people create Airbnb offerings everyday. It’s easy to get started. But unlike most hosts, you are not trying to rent out the guest room in your primary residence.

You are a business person who needs to earn a profit that’s larger than what a traditional landlord could earn. That’s why this course is specifically for you.

Airbnb for Landlords will help you:
• Find a way to navigate your local city ordinances so you find opportunities where others see obstacles
• Receive expert and individualized guidance on how to analyze your market so you don’t waste time
• Receive help refining your listing so you have a crystal clear message in your marketplace
• Access checklists to help you attract more business travelers and fewer time-consuming tourists
• Save time using our quick start templates for your welcome letter and information binder (You’ll end up producing a valuable resources that nearly eliminates calls for service.)
• Stay current on industry changesand increase your competitive advantage
• Get 1:1 support and quick answers to your start up questions
• And much MUCH more!

“I have been a landlord for over 17 years and had never bought a course before now. Al helped me fine tune my description, made suggestions to my house rules and answered any questions. He helped me start going after business traveler, which has made me more profitable. In the first 30 days my new Airbnb unit was on the market, I had 5 bookings for a total of 16 days of rent. Well worth the initial investment. Al is a great asset to have on your side. If you are considering dipping your toe into the Airbnb or VRBO market, you have to get this course.” Tim Indiana landlord

What Do You Get?

This special Mr. Landlord version of this course contains the following:

1 - A Strategy Guide so you can understand the big picture and position yourself to dominate the most lucrative sub-market in your town. ($30 Value)
2 - A Getting Started Workbook ($30 Value) that includes:
* A welcome letter template so you can make the right first impression and look like a seasoned host
* A guest manual template that reduces calls for service and helps you operate on auto pilot
* Done-for-you systems that delight your guests and give you an edge over your competition
3 - One-year of email support so you get your questions answered fast ($75 Value)
4 - A 10-week email course to help you make refinements to your listing and shift into a profitable mindset. ($110 Value)
5 - A 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t save time with this structured approach to analyzing your local market and if you don’t find the checklists and ready-to-implement systems to be worth more than you paid for them, then you deserve your money back. No questions asked – no games.

When You Order Today, You Also Get These Bonus Gifts:

Bonus 1 - A one hour 1:1 coaching session where Al Williamson will personally answer your questions and strategize with you. ($350 Value)

Bonus 2
- Ongoing email tips to help you stay current with the latest news pertaining to Airbnb Landlords ($110 Value)

Bonus 3
- Corporate housing insights video ($30 Value)

Total course value $735. Exclusive Offer Is Only $199.95

What Others Say

“My husband and I own 8 rental properties in 3 different states. When I first saw Al's course I wondered what I would learn from it. We already had 2 properties furnished and operated in small town America. After I finished his course, I was SHOCKED at all the things I was doing wrong. By following his step by step instruction I was able to stream line our process, increase our bookings, and go from our traditional corporate to vacation rentals. Don't be like me and try this alone, buy this course and start off the right foot from day ONE!” - Elizabeth, California Landlord

“I purchased Al's materials on the Mr. Landlord Retreat Conference this past January 2016 because I heard him speak about Airbnb for landlords. I had been toying with the idea of doing Airbnb ever since then. Al has given me guidance every step of the way from how to test my market area to suggestions on how to improve my ad. I must say that the information is good but having Al coach you through this process is great. He allows you to brainstorm with him possible solutions that will work in your specific market area. His systems work. I have received multiple requests since posting in March and currently have my listing confirmed for a span of 28 days starting in June 2016. Needless to say I am happy with my purchase and I recommend it highly."- K. Nalls, Ohio Landlord

“I placed a dummy ad to see if your Airbnb would get interest in my smaller town. I immediately started getting multiple reservation requests! I sort of panicked took a breath and said… OK I bought Al’s course now let’s get MOVING. The communication is great ... when we need help we always get it! Quick and easy via email LOVE it.” - Peg & Bud Ohio Landlords

“When Al Williamson first told me years ago that I could make 3X the profit on furnished rentals, I thought he was a little out there. When I did it myself over and over, I became a true believer! Recently bought Airbnb for Landlords to improve my short-stay business more. Probably would have made another $100K and retired a year or two earlier if I would have listened to Al a few years back! Thanks Al!”J Martin, California Landlord

To Get Started

You don’t have to limit your income to market rate rents….And you don’t have to carry luggage for your guests to be a successful short-stay provider.

Learn the way of an Airbnb Landlord so you can earn >35% more net income without working yourself to death.

In fact, even if you face restrictive city ordinances, you’re easily losing 35% of your potential by not operating a short stay rental. Imagine leaving $1000s on the table year after year.

Is that acceptable?

Make the most of your assets. Invest in the Mr. Landlord version of the Airbnb for Landlords course today for only $199.95.

To get started, click now on the “Add to My Cart” button.

#AWC Airbnb for Landlords
Suggested Retail: $735        SALE PRICE: $199.95

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