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During The Time It Takes You To Read This Page 2,300 New Judgment Recovery Opportunities  Will Have Been Created! 

         It's a darn shame, but hundreds of thousands of dollars are sitting right under your nose in judicial judgments, and you don't even know it! 

     But don't feel bad because ....

     You aren't alone!  The cash flow opportunities in judicial judgments recovery go undiscovered by most people.  

     That's a crying shame because that money is just sitting there waiting for somebody to scoop it up!

     But here's the good news!...

      Since so few people in the cash flow industry understand this awesome opportunity found in judgment collection... you will find that  there is very little skilled competition!...

       ...And through a stroke of luck.... you have arrived at the right place at the right time, because...

      I am about to offer you a judgment recovery investing system that could be the key to your financial independence!...

    Look...  I want to share the Four Keys to remarkable judgment recovery cash flow profits with you, but first I've got to bring you up to speed....  You have to understand some basics.

     "What Judgment Recovery?"

       A judicial judgment is the verdict of a court in a civil action....

        For example, let's say Mary owes Bob $5,000. Some of the reasons Mary might owe the money are  a loan she didn't want to repay, fender bender car accident, work she promised to do but never completed etc.  

         Bob files an action in small claims court.  Mary obviously owes the money, so Bob wins a judgment against Mary for $5,000.

        Good ole' Bob is now all set, right?  Well, not so fast....

        The judgment that Bob won is called a   "money judgment".  It gives Bob powerful legal authority to recover (collect) the $5,000 from Mary.

         Here's the catch!  Bob has the full power of the court and the legal system to force Mary to pay, BUT he doesn't know how to use that judgment collection power!

         Thousands of people like Bob are stuck with cash judgments they can't collect, because they don't know how!

   "Judgments Can Be Assigned!"

       Now hear this!  Judgments can be assigned!  

        You can buy the judgment cash flow from a person like Bob with a simple assignment and have all the legal powers of collection that the law allows.  The same judgment recovery powers Bob wouldn't take the time to learn!

       But hey, why would you want to do that?...  

       Think it has something to do with MONEY?
        Read on...

           When I began investigating small claims court judgment recovery  in California, I found that attorneys are not allowed in these courts (that's the rule in many states).  

      Yeow!.... That means that people like Bob who are owed the money must handle judgment recovery cases on their own...

    ...And 95% of them don't know how to work the judgment collection system!  

      Sure, they win the money judgment, but they come up empty because they don't know how to get that money!  

    The truth is tens-of-thousands of money judgments go uncollected.  People just don't know how to do judgment collection... 

    They just give up!

  "You Can Buy Dollars For Dimes!"

       I found I could buy uncollected judgments for 10-cents on the dollar! Can you believe that?... 

       The people who were owed that judgment money were just happy to get anything!...

      They had given up on collecting and treated the judgment as a worthless piece of paper!

       Whoa!  It hit me!  That money is just sitting there waiting for someone to grab it.    So I learned the legal rules that gave me the power to collect on those money judgments. 

        Now get this.... I would buy money judgments for pennies on the dollar and collect the full amount owing!  

        Buy a $5,000 judgment for $500 and collect $5,000!  That is a powerful  cash income!

       That's a profit of $4,500 on just one little judgment deal!  

        Hey.... Isn't this beginning to sound interesting?

       Through trial and error... I developed a simple procedure for contacting judgment holders and found many of them willing to sell what they considered worthless paper for...    pennies on the dollar.

         In the beginning, I must admit.... I made mistakes as I was learning.  I bought a few judgments that were impossible to collect.  

         Boy... Did that get me hot under the collar!...

        So I got busy and created  a profoundly low risk system.  

        It has eliminated almost all of the problems so that you will be able to collect on 98% of the judgments you buy.  My system is so efficient that  it has been "borrowed" and sold by others.  I guess that's a pretty good recommendation?

       Yes, as you begin you might make a mistake now and again.  But you are buying for pennies on the dollar.  Losing a few pennies once in a while is just the price of doing business.

      To make it easy for you I have documented my system and put it into a big, fat manual I call "The Complete Guide To Judgment Investing". ...

Let me tell you a little about it.

  "Judgment Recovery is Routine with My System!"

      Folks always ask, "What about judgment collecting?  Do I have to use strong-arm tactics? Do I have to chase and threaten people?"

      Oh my... No! 

      Look, I'm a polite, mild mannered guy.  I hate confrontation!  I could never have succeeded in judgment investing if I had to do anything like that....

      Here's the good news.... The legal system gives you a long list of  effective and powerful ways to collect on a money judgment - and most of them just take paper work!

      For example:  In most states you can place a judgment lien on any real estate owned by the judgment debtor.  

      Now that's power!  

      Slapping a lien, with power to foreclose, on a debtor's home gets their immediate attention!  Now they become very interested in settling the debt!

"Judgment Recovery Made Simple!"

      I took my hard won experience and created a simplified judgment collection program that is a key part of "The Complete Guide to Judgment Investing".  

      It's a polite, but firm procedure that is done in a business-like manner.

     Most of judgment collection is done with letters.  You seldom meet or speak with a debtor before they pay.

      Listen to this!...  It just keeps getting better and better....

      A money judgment begins earning interest as soon as it is created. Each state is different,  but a common rate is 10% per year.  

     That means that a $5,000 judgment that was entered three years ago now has a collectable value of $6,500.

    You buy that money judgment for $500 (10% of face value).  Instead of collecting maybe you choose to hold it for a year or two. Why?... 

   Because your $500 investment is earning $500 in interest EVERY YEAR! 

    In case you didn't notice that's a 100% return on investment yearly! Often secured by Real Estate!

    How cool is that?  You're getting a 100% return with judgment investing... while your brother-in-law is collecting 3 1/2% on his CD!!

 "Proven Judgment Recovery Secrets in the Big Manual!"

   These are The Four Keys to winning with judgment recovery:

1.  Find judgments.

2.  Screen judgments.

3.  Buy judgments.

4.  Collect judgments.

    Each key requires expertly formulated procedures to be profitable.  I have created detailed systems for each of the four keys.

     I made all of the mistakes so you don't have to...  

     And now the complete, proven system is in the big fat manual "The Complete Guide to Judgment Investing".

      One business opportunity reviewer wrote that it is the 
"most complete and detailed manual I have ever seen." 
     Wow, I'm proud of that!

The manual is like having your own in-house judgment recovery expert looking over your shoulder.       

It's a home based business and you can 
start with just a few hundred dollars. 

    Money judgments come in all sizes starting at under $1,000 and going up to the stratosphere. 

    Remember, you are buying for pennies on the dollar.  

    If you are short of cash... Buy a couple of small judgments, collect and roll the profits into more judgments.

    You don't need any prior legal experience or education.  

    There is nothing else to buy here! This system has all you need to get rolling!

    "I am almost finished my first reading of your book, "Judgment Investing". I had to take a moment to tell you that what you have put together is interesting and has me glued to my chair. It is more like a novel than a text book but in the excitement I find I am putting thoughts together like pearls. Not only do you do the best job of "Show and Tell" but you make the reader think and expand. So paying for the course is not enough. I just had to take time to say "Thank You". 

 Gerald Z
 Scottsdale,  AZ

   Don't misunderstand me...  

   Yes.... You get a proven system, but you have to read it and study it. 

   Then you have to dig in and work to get your judgment recovery program into motion.

   Sure... it takes work!... But how many ways do you know to buy a dollar for a dime?

   Look... folks are making plenty of money investing in judgments, but I won't try and fool you.... they are working for it.

    There is a natural lag between the time you start buying money judgments and the time the recovery cash starts rolling in.  

    But... once you've been at it for a few months it gets really exciting!  Your income can grow like a snow ball!

   "Judgment Recovery Guide Eleven-Year Guarantee!"

    Look, I want you to try my judgment recovery system and prove to yourself that everything I have presented here is true - so here's an Eleven-Year Refund Guarantee!

    All I ask is that you give it an honest effort, and to remember that it takes a few months to get the judgment collection system fired up....   Then if you feel it is not a complete, workable system send it back for a refund.  

     See, I take all of the risk!

Free Bonus!

     If you will invest in the system today - I will add a valuable little manual called "How To Turn Paper Into Gold". This is an introduction to another profit opportunity - brokering cash flows. 

   The manual will open your eyes to a business where truly huge sums of money can also be earned.  It even has a guide that makes using a financial calculator easy.  

     It's a short course on the cash flow industry that you've heard so much about.  I am adding it as a free gift... not at the $1,500 others charge.  

This is a real book!  No download hassles.  140 information packed pages, 8x11, soft cover.... includes letters, forms and tables.   

Shipping directly to your door by Priority Mail!  

Now only $97.00!

Your Purchase may be Tax Deductible!   

     You can change your life for less than the price of two admissions to Mickey's amusement park.  

     Mickey is fun for a day - judgment recovery is powerful knowledge that can mean a lifetime of financial independence...

          ...AND THAT'S REAL FUN!

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This is a CFI publication

P.S.   I won't kid you... judgment investing is only for the person who wants to earn the same kind of income as a doctor or attorney.  But... those folks spent years getting an education before they began making the big bucks.  You won't have to spend years... but you will have to apply the same concentration and determination that they did to achieve their goals... but if you want a "fire-your-boss" income it will be well worth it!

P.P.S.  We were the first to publish a guide to judgment investing based on our pioneering work in the field.  Others have "borrowed" many of our techniques... repackaged them... and now sell them for a lot more money.  We bare them no ill will.... but who do you want to deal with?... The originators or the copycats?