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    We offer a specialized Skip Tracing Service to help landlords find former residents and a great little resource to help rental owners get any and all money due you from residents who left owing you money! Read below for details.

    To receive assistance locating a former tenant, please click here.

    The FIRST STEP to collecting any judgment is finding out where a former resident has gone. This can be a very frustrating task. And most landlords simply give up on the idea of trying to find former residents, especially as time goes on. In looking at numerous discussions on the Q & A Forum, there appears that many landlords, if not most, sooner or later have a tenant that has skipped out, and left owing money. Whether they skipped and left you with a a trashed apt, utility bill, back or owed rent, the good news is that in almost all cases these individuals CAN be located so that they can be served by a sheriff or processor to appear in court. This again is the first step in the collection process. And if you never obtained a judgment against the resident, you will be able to do that in court, whether the resident shows up or not, so that the judgment can appear on their credit report and so that the next smart landlord will know not to rent to them!

    First things first. Do you need help finding or locating your former resident? has made arrangements with a recovery service which can assist you in locating a former tenant. They have a very high success rate. Their regular price is $39.95 to locate a former resident. As a a special to visitors they are offering a half price discount in locating your deadbeat for a reduced fee of only $19.95. And here's the part I like best. If they are not able to provide you information on the whereabouts of your former resident, you pay NOTHING. So you have nothing to lose, and a tenant's whereabouts to gain.

    So what do you get for their search service?

    * An address and a telephone number
    * Information provided with 3 business days or less!

    If they can't provide it -- you are not charged.
    To receive assistance locating a former tenant, please click here.

    For the SECOND STEP, you have a couple of options. A) Give the tenant information over to a Professional Collection Agency. They will do all the work, and if they are able to collect any of the money owed to you, they keep on average 50% of the money collected and send you 50%. Which is still better than what you had collected.

    B) Order the following powerful booklet and learn the simple steps necessary to collect the money yourself and keep 100% of all that you collect or click here to learn powerful strategies to collect all your judgments and the judgments of others.


    Have you won a judgment in small claims court but can't collect your money? This booklet (which is one of our most popular "must-have" resources on this website), will show you how to locate the former tenant's assets and make them pay! Collect your money now!

    This booklet can be used for any state. The main difference from state to state is just in terminology and the forms you fill out. The laws are basically the same. Your states small claims court laws and codes are included. This booklet can be used to locate people who owe you past due rent and how to collect it. You can also contact us directly (the author) if you have questions along the way.

    It's frustrating I know. I've been there. I got started in the judgment collecting business after I won a judgment and found out I had to collect the money myself. The person I won the judgment against had already laughed at me once by taking advantage of me in a business deal and now they were laughing at me again when they found out the court doesn't make them pay. As the saying goes "I was mad as heck and I wasn't going to take it anymore!" They stopped laughing when they found out I had seized their bank account, garnished wages and placed liens against their cars, home and anything else of value through the small claims court. I also didn't have to give 50% of my money to a judgment collector. I also was able to collect 12% interest on my small claims judgment and most judgment collectors won't inform you that your entitled to 8-12% interest. (Depending on your state) They keep it for themselves and it's perfectly legal. My small claims judgment was for $3000.00 and was 3 years old. I collected $1080.00 in interest for a total of $4080.00 plus I was reimbursed for my expense's. (I'll show you how) If I would have hired a judgment collector I would have only received $1500.00. I saved $2580.00!

    Landlords, property managers take note: I know you have multiple judgments on the books. Think of the thousands you'll save and the interest you'll make. Collecting your money from small claims court is easy and not time consuming if you have a system and know how its done. It's safe because you never have contact with the debtor (person who owes you money) unless you choose to. The court and the sheriff does this contact for you. As a judgment holder you have the power to seize property, levy bank accounts, garnish wages, place liens on property and much more. You have a lot of powerful tools at your disposal. Much more power and more tools than a collection agency. You just need to be shown how to use them. I've written this booklet with the layman in mind. It's straight and to the point. It's full of powerful tactics and procedures to locate your debtor and their assets and collect your small claims money. Turn that worthless piece of paper into cash. Collect interest on it too.

    This booklet is not full of useless forms. Most books of this nature are. They're 90% forms that you can't use. Every small claims court has their own forms and wants you to use theirs. They're free. They'll assist you in filling them out if you at least know a little about what your doing. You will be well informed after reading this booklet. You will receive information that you can't find anywhere and will show you step by step the actual steps of what to actually do to collect your money. The following is only a partial list of the contents of the book - HOW TO COLLECT THE MONEY YOU WON:

    * How to locate a debtor's assets
    * How to find out where they work
    * How to find out where they bank
    * How to place liens against their property
    * How to garnish wages
    * How to seize their bank account
    * 101 links to websites for locating anyone and their assets and these links go to hundreds more. (Companies sell this information alone on diskette for $25.00 or more).
    * How to make the debtor pay for your expenses in collecting the judgment
    * How to find them if they're in the military
    * The best ways to collect against a business
    * The best way to collect if your judgment is against more than one person
    * How to collect your money through a third person
    * How to use a writ of execution
    * How to use public records
    * How to collect interest on your judgment - this can often come to more than the judgment itself. Double and even triple your money
    * The best ways and time to seize a bank account
    * How to use a credit report to get your money
    * How to do a debtors exam - They have to report, under oath, their assets, employment, bank account information, investments and anything else you want to know.
    * How to collect if your debtor has moved out of state

    Its really a very simple process that anyone can do to locate your debtor, locate their assets, make a plan and carry it out. That's all there is to it. And the booklet explains it all.

    After you read the book if you have any questions, you can receive additional help by the author who specializes in collecting judgments. Imagine how you'll feel when you finally collect your money. Time is important... time is running out on your ability to collect your small claims debt... don't let this person take you out of your money... order now. The booklet is only $29.95 with a money back guarantee. Click now to go to where this book is located in the catalog section of our website and order this "must-have" book for every landlord.



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    Brad, MO.
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