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These rules and regulations are incorporated into and made a part of the rental agreement effective __________________ between _________________________________________ (landlord) and ________________________________________________________ (resident/s) concerning the premises commonly known and referred to as
_____________________________________________________________________, and attached thereto as an addendum. The policies and rules contained herein may be modified, and new policies and rules adopted by landlord, and shall become effective on the date they bear, or thirty days after delivery of a copy of the amendment, or amended rules, to resident, whichever is later.


A. Resident shall maintain the unit rented to him/her clean and free of accumulations of garbage and rubbish at all times.
B. Garbage and rubbish shall be disposed of in containers designated for that purpose. Large boxes and containers shall be broken down so as not to consume too much space in the garbage containers.
C. No hazardous substances may be disposed of in the garbage containers, but must be disposed of as required by applicable health and safety regulations and codes.


A. No clothing, curtains or other items shall be hung from, or out of windows.
B. All furniture must be kept in resident's unit, except when actually in use elsewhere, and in no event shall such items be placed in such a way that they block or in any way impede passage of others.
C. Resident shall refrain from engaging in or creating, or permitting his/her guests to engage in or create, any noise, sound, activity or conduct that a reasonable person would deem likely to annoy or disturb other residents, while in the rental unit itself or the common areas and parking facilities.
D. Resident shall refrain from playing any musical instrument, radio, music system, entertainment system, or television set at a volume that causes disturbance to other residents.


A. Resident is responsible for keeping his/her rental unit secure. Except to the extent provided by law, landlord is not responsible for the illegal acts of others, including burglary or theft.
B. Resident shall immediately notify landlord if any door or window lock or bar in his/her unit becomes unserviceable.
C. Resident shall notify landlord of any extended absences (more than three days) from the premises.
D. During absences by resident landlord and his/her agents will provide access to no other persons, known to resident and landlord or not, unless expressly requested to do so by resident in writing.
E. Resident shall not use or store gasoline, cleaning solvents, or other combustible substances in the rental unit, or any parking or storage spaces provided in connection with his/her occupancy of the unit.
F. Resident shall not use barbecues, grills, or other outdoor cooking equipment indoors, or use them outdoors in such a way as to create a fire hazard or substantial risk of damage to the rental unit or common areas.
G. No bicycles, play equipment, children's toys, skateboards, or other personal belongings shall be left in the common areas unattended.


A. Resident shall notify landlord or property manager of any necessary repairs to the premises as soon after the discovery thereof as possible. He/she shall be responsible for keeping the kitchen and bathroom drains free of things that may tend to cause clogging. Water leaks, faucet drips, and slow drains shall be reported immediately. Resident shall not make maintenance requests of maintenance personnel or workmen.
B. Resident shall not paint, wallpaper, alter or redecorate; change or install locks; install or have installed by anyone else a antenna, satellite dish, cable TV or computer-related wiring or any other equipment without owner's permission. Resident shall not use screws, fastening devices, large nails, or adhesive materials (including Contact-type paper), place signs, displays, or other exhibits, on or in any portion of the premises without the written consent of the landlord. Closet and cabinet shelves and drawers may be lined with plain paper only.
C. Decorations shall be installed in such a way as not to damage substantially, the walls, floors, and carpets. No decorations shall be installed on, or from ceilings, doors, windows, their frames, or any existing cabinetry. Window coverings shall be restricted to those provided by landlord and already existing in the unit at the time the rental agreement first became effective. Under no circumstances shall aluminum or other metal foil, newspapers, or any other such substances be used as a window covering. Bathroom window sill is not be used as a shelf for toiletries or other items.
D. Costs of repairing damage to the rental unit or appliances supplied therewith, which are the result of negligence or misuse by resident shall be charged to resident and be payable upon demand.


A. No vehicle, as that term is defined under state law, may be parked anywhere but in a designated parking space. Resident's guests may park only off the premises. No disabled or unregistered vehicles or vehicles with expired registration shall be parked on the premises, nor may any vehicle be parked in red zones or designated fire lanes. Such vehicles will be towed to a storage yard at the owner's expense.
B. Parking spaces may not be used for storage.
C. No car washing, changing of oil or other vehicle fluids, installation of oil or other fluids, or vehicle repairs of any kind or description shall be conducted on the premises, parking areas, or driveways.


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