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Find out on how your current or future real estate situation can be financially improved by using 1031 exchanges)

* Are you considering doing a 1031 exchange?
* Would you like to ask ANY question related to 1031 exchanges?
* Get a free Exchange consultation at any time, especially if you own rental property and you are considering selling one property now or in the near future. Thousands of landlords have saved tens of thousands of dollars.

To get your free "exchange" consultation, send an email to and a 1031 specialist will follow-up with you to answer any questions you may have ot to suggest a strategy that can save you thousands of dollars with your specific real estate situation. The specialist does not work for, but is part of a company that has successfully facilitated over 45,000 real and personal property exchanges and is recognized as one of the leading Qualified Intermediary companies in the nation.

The specialist can also offer you a free quote if you need a company to serve as a Qualified Intermediary, who can prepare the necessary documentation and oversee property closings and properly hold and protect the exchange proceeds on behalf of the Exchanger until funds are needed to purchase the replacement property.

Send an email now to to have a specialist follow-up for a free consultation to answer any questions and/or to obtain a free quote on how much their company charges for their services, and more importantly to learn how many thousands you may be able to save on your very next real estate transaction. Type "Exchange" in the subject field of the email. And in the memo section of the email, please give your name, state and phone number.



How Would You Like To......
* Do The Powerful 1031 Exchange As Often As You Like?
* Increase Your Wealth By Exchanging Into Financially Superior Property, Tax-Free?
* Do Your Exchanges Right, In Strict Accordance With IRS Rules?
* Yet, For Little Or No Fees, Plus Have Total Control Of Your Exchanges

You Can With... Turbo-Exchange

The First Do-It-Yourself 1031 Exchange Forms And Software Kit By Albert Aiello

What is Turbo-Exchange?
Designed for standard, non-complex exchanges (which most exchanges are), Turbo-Exchange is the very first Do-It-Yourself 1031 exchange forms and software kit. With the 1031 Tax-Free Exchange, you can save thousands of dollars in taxes. With Turbo-Exchange, you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in fees, plus have total control of your tax-free exchanges. Turbo-Exchange is authored by Albert Aiello, CPA.

How Did Turbo-Exchange Originate?
Turbo-Exchange is part of the comprehensive 1031 exchange systems manual of National Exchange Services, Inc. (NESI), one of the most reputable exchange intermediaries in the country. NESI was one of the first full services exchange intermediaries to be established on the Eastern Coast of the United States. NESI specializes in complex exchanges and is able to handle the most difficult exchanges. Of course, NESI also excels in standard exchanges as well. Thus, NESI is a proven leader in the field of 1031's. As part of this leadership, NESI felt a need to develop a program to enable real estate investors to take full advantage of the 1031 exchange in a more cost-effective manner.

What Does Turbo-Exchange Do?
Even standard, straight-forward exchanges have complexity and would therefore be too difficult to do for the average lay person. However, in The Book of Survival, author, Anthony Greenback say this, "To live through an impossible situation, you don't need the reflexes of a Grand Prix driver, the muscles of a Hercules, the mind of an Einstein. You simply need to know what to do." That's exactly what Turbo-Exchange does -- tells you what to do, step-by-step in an easy-to-use format. (You can even have your teenage children or grandchildren do the documents.) But to have gotten to this point of knowing what-to-do, NESI president, Albert Aiello has spent many long years of research in the specialized field of 1031 exchanges and in creating Turbo-Exchange.

Why is it Valuable?
First, let's look at life without Turbo-Exchange. Most investors are in the dark about 1031 exchanges. They are afraid of them! Why? Well, over 90% of attorneys and accountants are not trained or experienced to do 1031 exchanges. There are service companies out there who claim to be expertised in exchanges. However, with most of these companies, the services are done by non-tax professionals such as "title" people, clerks and others without specialized tax & accounting expertise. The unfortunate results have led to many 1031 exchange discrepancies, including non-qualifying exchanges, costing thousands of dollars in taxes. Moreover, you have to pay fees ranging, on an average, from $700 to $1,500 (per exchange) for these questionable services.

With Turbo-Exchange in hand you now have the power to do 1031 exchanges, right and save substantially on fees. Plus, you can use the 1031 exchange repeatedly for every property that you sell at a profit. You can also use Turbo-Exchange for your immediate family. Again, you save substantial fees in doing so. Moreover, even if you still use a professional service to do your exchange, with Turbo-Exchange you will not have to loose sleep wandering if your exchange is being done right, or not. Turbo-Exchange will correctly guide you throughout your 1031 exchange. You have much more control over your exchange and your financial well being!

Another great thing about Turbo-Exchange is that you can start your exchange immediately, even at the last minute. You do not have to wait for and depend on "others" to start your exchange. With Turbo-Exchange you have your own in-house exchange consulting service at your disposal. Turbo-Exchange is an absolute must for your wealth building library!

The Turbo-Exchange Kit Includes:
* A list of the blank Turbo-Exchange documents with instructions. The documents are listed in the sequence that they are generally used.
* The necessary exchange documents, themselves, on disk (see below).
* How to use Turbo-Exchange to its fullest advantage.
* How to use, or form your own intermediary company at little or no cost.
* A stey-by-step example of a real world exchange. The example shows the exchange process, in a simple format, from beginning to end. Learn the secrets of the pros!
* Completed exchange documents for this example. Before each completed document is a cover page with a plain-language explanation of the particular document.
* The essential and current IRS Requirements for a qualifying exchange, in plain language, with tax law citations. (Includes how to use 1031Õs for quick flips)
* A 45-Day & 180-Day Calendar Grid Chart - With this chart you can quickly and accurately determine your important 45-day & 180 day deadlines. The chart is also on disk.
* The correct 1031 exchange computations, with planning tips. (Most do these wrong!)
* A Reminder Checklist of Your 1031 Exchange.

About The Model Turbo-Exchange Documents:
* They are in strict accordance with current IRS Regulations. They are airtight, bulletproof! (Improper documentation will result in a disqualified exchange, M. Hillyer, TC Memo 1996-214, and many other tax court cases)
* They contain the essential, clear-cut 1031 exchange "magic" language, yet they are
easy to understand.
* They are in blank formats, on Turbo-Exchange disks (IBM compatible, Microsoft Word for Windows).
* Each blank formatted document includes easy-to-follow, step-by-step, paint-by-the- numbers instructions. The documents are listed in the sequence that they are generally used.
* There are also sample filled-in, completed documents in the sequence that they are done.
* You generally only need to prepare an average of 8 to 10 documents per exchange, and each document has about 6 or 7 simple insertions (date, name, address, etc.). You can even have your teenage children (or other family members) do the documents.

"Ordinary people doing extraordinary things." -- Michael E. Gerber, The E Myth

This is Turbo-Exchange! To order, click here.



Copyright (c) 1998-2018 MRLANDLORD.COM All rights reserved.

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Comments From Landlords:

  • "Jeff, I just love your free email newsletter. It is WONDERFUL!! Thank you for writing it! Strangely enough most of my friends and family do not own Real Estate investment properties so I find it hard to relate to them on this topic. Your newsletter makes me feel like I am part of the club!"
  • "My husband and I became LLs about a year ago so I'm definitely a newbie. If it weren't for this site which is full of feed back of ideas, suggestions, and advice, I really wouldn't know where to turn. I read the posts every day even if the particular post didn't apply to me because I never know if I might need it in the future. There are a few associations in my area but the LLs that I've met seem a bit closed mouth and are unwilling to share their experiences... the wealth of knowledge that is given at this site is priceless. On my behalf, I thank all the 'experienced' landlords for willing to share their experiences."
    Cher, FL.

  • "Hi, my name is Joey and I am a addict. But hey, unlike other addictions, this one saves me lots of money."
    Joey, NJ.