Empire Associates House Rules

5252 15TH AVE NE

Tenant: _________________________________  Room # ___________

1. Living in a group situation, each tenant is responsible for cleaning up after themselves, to include kitchen (to include the floor), garbage, bathrooms, hallways, refrigerators, etc., for the health and consideration of everyone
2. It is not permitted for you or your guests to play or run in the halls, stairways, the entranceways, or other service areas or approaches.
3. Tenants and their guests must not throw anything or shake dust mops out of the windows or from the balconies.  (City Ordinance)
4. Tenants will be required to pay for all breakage and for all damage that the Tenants or their guests cause to the furniture, equipment or building, except as may be limited by the law, except reasonable wear and tear.
5. Do not use water on hardwood floors.  Ask the management for proper methods for cleaning.
6. No tacks, nails, or adhesive holders may be put on walls or woodwork without written permission of the management.  The Tenant must pay damage resulting therefrom.  Tenants vacating will be charged for soiled curtains, blinds, drapes, and carpets, except for reasonable wear and tear.  Charges will be according to the current cleaning prices.
7. All complaints or requests should be left wit the Manager or as otherwise designated.  All litter cans must be kept clean by the Tenant, and all garbage and other refuse must be wrapped.
8. Tenants shall not hang rugs, clothing, mops, rags, etc., in or out of the windows or on balconies.
9. Any damage incurred by the Tenant, his/her guests, movers, or employees carrying articles in or out or through halls and entranceway, shall be paid for by Tenants.
10. Water shall not be left running unnecessarily.  Report any leaky faucets, stoppages or defects in the plumbing to the Manager.  Tenants will be required to pay for any damage that they or their guests cause to the plumbing due to neglect.
11. Tenants and their guests shall at all times respect the rights of others by refraining from loud conversations or other unnecessary noise in the halls or other parts of the premises.
12. Musical instruments, radios and television sets shall be operated at a sound level that cannot be heard outside of the Tenant's individual apartment.
13. No teaching of music, either vocal or instrumental, is permitted any time of the day or night.
14. Rooms must be vacated prior to midnight on the day preceding the rent due date.  Tenants remaining beyond that time may be considered illegal detainers and will be subject to the penalties provided by Law.
15. No combustible fluid or other fire hazards shall be kept in bulk or exposed in the building.
16. The Tenants shall take care not to overheat ranges.
17. Extra occupants, when permitted in writing will be subject to a per diem charge of $25.00 each.
18. Monies deposited by the Landlord are in a Trust Account with Boeing Employee's Credit Union, Everett branch, whose address is PO Box 97050, Seattle, WA  98124-9750, and will be held there for the benefit of the parties as provided by the law regulating deposits.
19. No waterbeds are allowed in apartments.  Alley entrance doors should be used to bring in furniture or bicycles, not via the front entrance.
20. The Tenant is responsible for clogged drains.
21. For your safety, please keep the entrance doors locked, and do not let unfamiliar persons enter.
22. Please observe and comply with the NO SMOKING signs in the hallways and all rooms.

 I have received a copy of these rules.

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